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PeSIT first started operations in 1986, and to date at least seven different companies have developed the protocol. PeSIT is available for a wide range of hardware including :

  • IBM 390, IBM PC and compatibles (Windows 95 or NT environments),

  • Bull DPS 6, AS/400, Tandem, UNISYS, VAX by Digital. Interest in PeSIT rapidly exceeded the framework of the SIT project and certain banks decided to use it for their in-house transfer requirements.

At present, PeSIT has spread far beyond the banking profession. PeSIT is the only tried-and-tested protocol to allow dialoguing between the most commonly used transfer monitors employed in the French market.
PeSIT today exists in four operating profiles :

  • "PeSIT SIT" for connecting to the SIT Payment and Stock market networks,

  • "PeSIT Hors SIT" for monitor-to-monitor dialogue (common protocol for major monitors currently used in the French market),

  • "PeSIT ETEBAC 5" supporting the ETEBAC 5 standard (defined by the CFONB), for telematic transfers between banks and businesses,

  • "PeSIT" - now available for use with a TCP/IP layer. Flexible connectivity
PeSIT : Widely used protocol

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Last updated : june 2006