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What does PeSIT do

PeSIT is a file transfer protocol which allows the writing and reading of files between one computer and another; using a connection established over a telecommunications link (specialised connection, public network, local area network).

In order to avoid differences between the file management systems internal to each computer, PeSIT uses the "virtual file" concept, which provides a common file organisation model suitable for all computers.

Each PeSIT user manages translations between real computer files and the virtual files transferred by the protocol.

To comply with the terminology adopted by international standards, distinction is made between :

  • The PeSIT service, which is the interface between the file transfer software and the user,

  • and the PeSIT protocol, which defines the necessary dialogue rules and formats for messages exchanged between two PeSIT parties.

The PeSIT Technical specifications describe both the PeSIT service and the PeSIT protocol.

PeSIT : What does it do ?

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Last updated : june 2006